Every band would want to promote themselves using every method available. Some of these options are:

Advertising Events

One of the best ways of advertising is to hold an event and play your music there. You could hire an event styling expert if you have the budget, as this will provide lots of benefits for your event. Events such as small music festivals, open days and playing at a pub or bar will all help to promote your band.

Extra information about event styling

Radio Stations

First, choosing stations to promote your music will involve a lot of things. If you have an airplay promoter, that person will help you out. Nevertheless, your choice should be based on

Long-term Goals -- If you want to build a name and your goal is to eventually "sign" with a recording company, then non-commercial radio such as college radios are good for you. They are willing to accept new acts and works with you. However, these stations will only reach a small percentage compared to commercial radio. But, if you are running a small label, you intend to sell CDs and tickets or other merchandise through it, then commercial radio can get your music to enough people but it is also expensive.

CDs -- If you are rooting for commercial radio advertising, you should have CDs that are professionally created by audio-video studios with high calibre equipment. If you are just burning your CDs in computers, go for non- commercial radio advertising.

Genre -- Commercial radio accepts mostly alternative, rap, RB, modern rock, pop, adult contemporary, smooth jazz, adult album alternative, Americana, Country, etc.

Non-commercial radio is very accepting of Metal, rap, hip hop, jazz, alternative, electronic and new age.

Past Promotions -- If you've had previous promotions such as a previous release, retail promotion with a chain store or a college tour, make the most out of it.

Press, Distribution or Touring -- If you don't have any of these, then it's best to go for non-commercial radios as they are not very concerned about this.

Web Presence -- If you're just looking to boost web presence, non-commercial is the way to go, especially college radios, as most college students have access to the web.